Tuesday, August 16, 2011

childhood memories

This morning as I went online to check my facebook and emails my living room was being taken over by a six yr old setting up tents =)


I love it! I made me remember being little and rolling around in sheets, making tents, and just being a kid with my siblings ♥

She ended up getting a bit more creative....

She retrieved the prayer rug, some throw pillows, some hijabs....

she put them all together

she got dressed, brushed her hair and invited me in to the tent warming party ;) lol

She even had a "door" on her tent ;p

Peace out yall......Privacy please =)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ramadan Mubarak Poster Board

 I loved making it!!! I bought the poster board at Walmart or Dollar tree (All I remember is it was CHEAP!)

The letters on sale at Walgreens, and the rest are old magazine, newspaper and construction paper cut outs =)

no paintbrush, No problem =)


M.I.A. The problem with me

Is I do go missing in action.

I start by slacking, then I get busy, then I get tired. Next thing you know I'm backed up on posts, behind, it's Ramadan and homeschooling time!


Please forgive me. I thought about all of you and even referred people over to your blogs.

InshaAllah everyone's Ramadan is going great!

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