Monday, May 2, 2011

I've been doing some self evaluation.....

I have to share this. All you "Real" mommies and sisters who don't fake perfection, will get it.

I havn't been too proud of myself lately. I have not been as organized, clean, and accomplished as I want to be. Islamic studies....slacking as well.

 Homeschooling...AlhamduliAllah we are doing good in that area.

Facebook, cell phone, great in that area as well :(

I knew I needed an improvement, but ignored that voice, you know which one...the voice of reason, yeah ignored her, just fed her more crap food and more facebooking.

The other day I couldn't remember one of the 2 duas that I actually know in Arabic. That was a cold slap to the face. One thing is not learn new stuff, another is to not focus on learning and even forget what little bit you do know, SubhanaAllah.

I decided to make salat and ask Allah to open up my brain to learn easier and practice what I learn. I also decided I needed to take a facebook, game, and myspace break. I than remembered something I had heard a few months ago.......

"It was once said to ‘Abdullah b. Al-Mubârak, “After you have prayed with us you don’t sit with us?”

He replied, “I go and sit with the Sahâbah and the Tâbi’în.”

We said,

“And how can you sit with the Sahâbah and Tâbi’în (when they have all passed away)?”

He replied, “I go and read the knowledge I have collected, I find their narrations and deeds. What would I do with you? You sit around backbiting people.”

That is so deep!! I actually like this a lot. I'm not generally a fan of "harshness" but sometimes you just gotta keep it real. Especially with ourselves. I've been doing a lot of self evaluation and determined I need to focus more on my Deen and myself.

Please makes Duas for me that I not only learn but practice what I learn.


  1. Bismillaah

    *sighs* I understand. I will keep you in my du'aas :)


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