Monday, May 9, 2011

wasting time driving or bonding, fun, learning time? You choose!


Asalaamu alaikum waramatulahi wabarakatu.

Yesterday little Miss "I know" and myself went to visit a friend who was traveling as well as a newly married sister/friend who moved down to Illinois from Greenbay WI. This meant we were in the car.....and a LOT of it since Ummi has NO sense of direction what-so ever! I was a bit lost! lol

Okay more than a bit...AlhamduliAllah.

Anyhow, We decided to play the "Islamic Trivia" game. It might exist out there, but in my head I made it up ;)

Basically we are both babies in the Deen and since in homeschooling we are learning about the Prophets, I decided to do review while we drove.

I asked her questions like

"How many god's are there in Islam?"

 "Which prophet built an Arc?"

"How many times a day are Muslims supposed to pray?"

"Which Prophet and his Mother were not touched by Shaitan?"

"Who was the First Prophet?"

Than she quizzed me with a few questions ;)

It was actually passing the time quickly, great for review and she enjoyed "playing a game" and of course saying she knew the answer ;)

All in all, we had a beautiful day, great food and two wonderful visits in between our Islamic trivia 'car schooling' game ;)

What games, ideas, or things do you do to improvise with your child(ren)?

What do you do when you encounter a "glitch" in your homeschooling time or lack of creativity?


  1. Bismillaah

    As Salaamu Alaikum

    How did she do with the questions? Oh how old is she? I just play games like- with their fake food I make them cook me food whatever color I ask- or we play games like green light / red light.
    What do you mean glitch? Ohhhhhhhhhhh there are many times I have lacked creativity!!! Now I do more research vs coming up with my own ideas (which have been quite limited). I started doing themes in homeschool- and look up lesson plans or craft ideas to keep the kiddies interested while learning at the same time.

  2. walaikom salaam waramatulahi wabarakatu hey mamas,

    She is six already!! She dod great on allmost all the questions she got stuck on the one about prophet Adam.

    By "glitch" I meant anything from realizing you are missing a supply to just having a lack of creativity or funds.

    MasahAllah Themes work VERY well and I find you can make different subjects off of one Idea or theme.


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