Sunday, May 8, 2011

Loosing "water weight" and water pills review

I have officialy aged! AlhamduliAllah, I am at a peaceful place in life, but I am also aging which means my metabolism has officially slowed down, which = extra weight. Add that to a sedentary lifestyle, eating, somewaht newly married, and being Muslim, which we all know = events which in turn = food!! ;)

I have officially put on 18 pounds! I am 140 pounds *Gasp* 0_o

 That doesn't sound like much, but that in addition to the already 15 pounds from my twenties it's something I need to snap to attention with. From ages 17- 23 I was skinny, too skinny, way too skinny, toppling in on a "fat day" at 103 pounds, so the 15 pounds of weight gain was cool, hello curves ;)

Than I got married (July 11th,  2010) and after Ramadan Winter began, more eating, baking, frying, snacking. Fast forward to April 15th and I had put on 18 pounds in 9 months!! Our bodies are a trust to us so I began parking further, doing squats, and realized that overeating is haraam.Therefore I tried, key word is tried hard not too, and managed to fluctuate between 138-140. Not much progress there o_0


I bought these water pills (Diurex Ultra) that actually work. Now by work I mean they do suck up some of the water weight. The problem is our bodies are made up of, and need water.  I am down 7 days later, 4 pounds. I am 136

Let's look at this though, I did see some weight loss, but I also saw the bathroom, and a LOT of it! Being a water pill, it sucks excess water up out of you so you have to drink more water as to not dehydrate, which = more restroom breaks. Not only that but in the process of "sucking up" the excess water, it has to come out, so to the bladder it goes. The cons aren't too bad though. The restroom is a place we all have to see ;) However, it's not a quick fix pill but if you need motivation it helps to see some results which in turn may influence you to walk/suat, run more. All in all, if you have to loose 2-4 pounds quick, use the pills, but you WILL gain it back since it is ONLY a water pill. The trick is to eat less, walk more, do some squats, push ups maybe and if you must use the pills.


  1. Bismillaah

    As Salaamu Alaikum!

    I never liked taking pills. I never worried about losing weight....I always wanted to gain gain gain lol. Do you do any good ole' fashion working out?

  2. lol erm....see above for answer ;)

    Not really. I just started doing squats again and slightly ALMOST walking ;)

  3. Bismillaah

    You know what? I heard walking is the best form of exercise. You need to hit the nature trails one day with your family. Walk the whole trail. It may work out! Inshaa'Allaah. You should do that whenever you have some free time -do you like treadmills?

  4. Walking is best indeed. don't have one, can't afford one lol

    I'll be a'ight ;)

    I started walking a bit more, gotta get that cardio otherwise the weight won't go nowhere!


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